Our approach

How does it work?

+ Hassle free accounting

+ Honest answers to your questions

+ Straightforward feedback on your plans

+ No complicated fiscal constructions

+ Concise and useful figures

+ Up-to-date, secure and fully digital

What does it cost?

+ Updating of your bookkeeping in Yuki

+ All tax returns

+ Consultations, optimisations and advice

The right fit?

Definitely, because…

+ I like using digital tools

+ I want simple administration

+ My bookkeeping must be as efficient as possible

+ I scan my invoices

+ I keep on top of my bookkeeping

+ Working with my accountant is a constant exchange of ideas

The right fit?

Not really, because…

I create my invoices in Excel or Word

I still like to print everything

An accountant is a necessary evil

Drop by and let's talk!

You bring the questions, we’ll provide the coffee