1. Profit first

Does this ring a bell?

  • You have a successful business, but you barely earn anything yourself
  • Your turnover is growing, but there’s nothing left over?
  • According to your bookkeeping, you have a profit, but where exactly is it?
  • It can be done differently. And you are not alone!

With the Profit First method we help you escape the rat race. No complicated constructions but simple tools that give you financial security month after month. You can learn how to manage money!

How does it work?

  1. First, we analyse your figures and then we look for money drains.
  2. We discuss the current situation and your plans
  3. We take a close look at how you handle money and you can immediately start to enjoy your profit.

No complicated financial jargon – practical and realistic.
You can opt for a one-off profit plan or a longer follow-up

2. Help, it’s not going well! 

There is life after bankruptcy

  • You haven’t had a salary in months
  • You’re (still) working your socks off but nothing is changing
  • My customers have my back up against the wall
  • You have no idea how much money is in your account but it’s not much….
  • I am afraid of my letterbox
  • I lie awake at night chewing on my finances
  • The taxman is after me
  • I don’t see this ending well…

There is a life after bankruptcy and it doesn’t have to come to that.
With some insight and guidance we can get your business back on track.
Focus on your core business and stop spending money unnecessarily. It will be a rollercoaster but you can get through this!


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